Take Your Event to a Higher Level with the Strength of ETI Behind You

A Spectrum of Services

You can rely on ETI for to deliver all aspects of group air services. We can operate as a seamless and resourceful extension to your event-planning department.

Industry Insight

ETI pros bring both extensive knowledge and innovation to the planning, purchasing and delivery of air travel services to satisfy your goals for your program or event. You can tap into our minds many ways - from initial consultation and program planning through implementation, billing and reconciliation processes.

The Latest Technology

ETI partners with leading travel technology providers so you can access a wide range of group air-related services. Such integrated processes also allow us to continually enhance how we react to your needs while delivering services in a cost-effective way.

The Art of the Deal

At ETI, we bring a mix of expertise, industry insight and volume buying power to the negotiating table so you can achieve the most competitive group fares and added benefits from major air carriers like enhanced flexibility with restrictions and waivers unavailable independently.

Excellence Is Our Standard

You can count on ETI for the operational expertise required to make each air programs an unqualified success. We set the bar high each and every time and have the strength to back it up.


With our flexible staffing infrastructure, our service center can expand or contract to meet your fluctuating needs. Therefore, ETI has the agility to act when needed in the most cost-efficient manner.


Confidentiality is one area where we do not waver. We protect your program plans and operations from start to finish, and our employees are bound by that same commitment.

Well-Traveled Staff

You can tap into our knowledge of local and international destinations. We'll match your needs with the right airfares, airlines, aircraft, routes, and airports. If you wish, we can even contribute ideas to trip extensions.

Worldwide Emergency Support

Your overseas attendees will have access to toll-free lines from over 70 countries. In the U.S., participants are provided with an 800 number they can all for assistance. Such service will have immediate access to participant records and meeting profiles housed in the GDS.

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